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Icon Liquids Shred Ejuice

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Shred by Icon Liquids is a summertime classic. This eliquid is based on the flavor of a blue raspberry and cherry lemonade. It has a refreshing sweet and sour taste that will spark up your taste buds with every hit.

Shred by Icon Liquids is a tantalizing vape juice. Vaping it will feel just like sipping on a glass of lemonade. You can taste the sweet and sugary lemonade as well as the natural blue raspberry and ripe cherry. This is an awesome eliquid. It has a well-balanced flavor that doesn't get old. This is a perfect summertime vape. It has a bold, delicious flavor that will deliver an electrifying taste to your palate. When vaping Shred, you can taste the sweet blue raspberry and cherry on the inhale. The tangy lemonade comes through on the exhale. This is the kind of eliquid to vape when you want to have some fun under the sun. It is truly an awesome treat.