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Candy King On Salt Iced Batch Ejuice

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Iced Batch eJuice by Candy King brings you their favorite ejuice flavors in to the Icy Nicotine Salt realm with their Candy King On Salt Iced lineup. This classic flavor features a sweet and sour flavor combination of lemon lime, sweet orange and cherry infused into an icy gummy candy sprinkled with sugar crystals. 

Brand: Candy King On Salt | Bottle Size: 30ml | Nicotine: 35mg/50mg | Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets

Iced Batch Ejuice Flavor Description

Iced Batch has been one of Candy King's most popular flavors, thanks to the sweet and sour flavor on the inhale, followed by an arctic blast on the exhale. The secret is to nab the fresh fruits in the heart of winter. Ripe citrus gets a blast of arctic wind, freezing the limes and lemons right on the branches! Tart cherries are no match for the cold of winter and are quickly coated in winter's first frost. Luscious oranges are zapped with a flash snowstorm, chilling the sweet citrus into an icy orang juice!

These frosty fruits are quickly rushed to the Candy Kings lair, ready to be transformed into sweet and chewy candies. But alas! No matter how long the fruits are allowed to defrost, that blisteringly cold flavor stubbornly remains. Instead of wasting any more time, the great vape chemists tossed the icy fruits into a vat of sweet candy. The icy fruit flavor bonds with the chewy candy and quickly cools the sweet into a gummy treat! The final chewy candies are dusted with sweet sugar crystals and are crammed into the 30mL bottle you see before you. Enjoy your favorite bodega sweet, now with a wintery blast of menthol! Iced Batch by Candy King On Salt promises to be your new favorite all-day vape, stuffed with delicious frozen fruit and frosty candy flavor!

WARNING: Nicotine Salts are compatible with any NON sub-ohm device but, we highly recommend using it with a refillable pod system. This flavor is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices