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Awesome Vape Tricks to Learn

Ultimate Vape Deals - Awesome Vape Tricks to Learn

The art of vaping isn't just about finding the right piece and oils. There's another entertainment aspect to it that you can enjoy with friends or on your own - vape tricks.

Doing tricks gives you the same feeling you'd get from pulling and blowing as normal. The results from the oils and e-liquids are the same, but the way you vape becomes more fun and exciting. It's pretty cool to show off a bowtie trick once you get it right or something like the dragon or a vapor bubble.

Before you get into all those advanced smoke tricks, though, start with the classics.

Here are three of the easiest, yet totally awesome, vape tricks to learn right now.


1. A French Inhale

The French inhale is something all vapers hear about, but not everyone knows how to do. All it requires is for you to pull, blow out smoke, then pull it back into your throat through a nasal inhale.

The thing is, you can't just blow out the smoke as normal. You have to control the release so that your nose can inhale all of the smoke. Otherwise, the trick won't look right.

You have some work to do if only a bit of the smoke is going up your nose and the rest is blown away from you. Practice releasing slow and steadily so that all you have to do is gently inhale to pull off the French inhale.


2. A Ghost Inhale

This one is a classic. Many smokers (not just vapers) do this one casually once they master it. It's a great foundation for learning advanced tricks, yet it doesn't lose its charm to do on its own.

A ghost inhale is when someone blows out a perfect cloud of smoke right in front of them then pulls it right back in through their mouth. Like the French inhale, it also requires control and practice, but it uses different skills.

Usually, an exhale looks powerful and forced; it's a strong push of smoke out of the throat/mouth. For a ghost inhale, you have to be powerful and purposeful at the same time. Your exhale needs to get all the smoke out at once and do so in a way that keeps it all together.

This is the key to being able to pull the smoke back in. Without a good exhale, you've lost the whole trick.


3. Blowing O's

Once you've practiced controlling smoke with a French inhale and ghost inhale, you can move up to blowing Os. This is a really fun way to impress your friends, especially if you're all trying to learn vape tricks at the same time.

The key for blowing Os is actually in the way you hold your lips. The more round they are, the better the Os will be. The rest is just a matter of breathwork, which you should be pretty good in by now.

All you have to do is hold the smoke in the back of your throat then push it out little by little. Use your tongue to draw small bits of smoke at a time, and the O shape of your lips will do the rest.


How to Advance Your Vape Tricks

There's no telling all the vape tricks you'll be able to do after you master the basics. Without these skills, though, you'll be hard-pressed to do anything else.

To get help taking your vape tricks to the next level, keep checking the blog for more vaping insights!

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