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Vaping vs Smoking

Ulimate Vape Deals - Vaping vs Smoking

In most circles, the discussion is about vaping vs smoking. Is vaping safer than smoking? Is vaping just a lesser evil? These are all valid questions that need to considered and examined at length. The general consensus at the moment, however, seems to support the notion that vaping is indeed safer than smoking. But in what way exactly?


Is There a Healthier Option?

For years, we have had the experts give advice against smoking because of the effects it has on health. Smoking affects just about all the body systems with the most effect being to the lungs and heart. At the same time, there has been extensive research showing that smoking could lead to the development of cancer. When it comes to vaping, on the other hand, there has been little or no evidence that there are health risks associated with it. Now, no one is saying that there aren't any risks, but when compared to smoking, the risks are almost in existent.


What is More Socially Approved?

Smoking comes with certain characteristics that are not very acceptable in social settings. For instance, the odor, discoloration of teeth and the effects of secondary smoke can be considered some of the most socially repulsive characteristics of smoking in a social setting. The chain reaction that this might cause, including loss of friends and poor self-esteem, might be very damaging. Vaping, on the other hand, offers a "no strings attached" experience. You get all the fun of smoking, without all the negative associations that come with it. Instead of an odor, you get flavors; there is no secondary smoke, and there is no chance of getting your teeth discolored.



One of the greatest issues associated with smoking is the risk of addiction. When you consider the vaping vs smoking debate, this is one of the more critical issues of consideration. There is a reason most addicts to smoking turn to vaping when they are trying to quit. Vaping does not lead to addiction in the same way as smoking. Sure, there is nicotine, but the amount is negligible, and there's a non-nicotine e-cigarette option.


Greater Savings

When you consider the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes a day and calculate the amount spent in a month, the costs are considerably high. With vaping, all you need is to buy a vape pen once, then buy monthly liquid refills, whose price is lower than $50 thereby spending less and saving more.



Is vaping safer than smoking? Absolutely! It is the best alternative of the two considering it has fewer negative effects.

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