WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Mysteries Behind Vape Oil Ingredients

Ultimate Vape Deals - Mysteries Behind Vape Oil Ingredients

More than 9 million adults in the USA vape on a regular basis. It's no wonder vape juice companies have come up with a whole range of crazy and wonderful flavors.

But have you ever wondered what actually goes into them to make them taste so good? And are the common ingredients actually safe to vape? How do you know if you're vaping a quality e-juice?

Vape oil ingredients vary from brand to brand, so if you want to know you're getting a good deal with high-quality ingredients, check out this guide first.


Base Vape Oil Ingredients

All ejuices have a certain base of ingredients, and the flavors are added with chemicals to this base.

The ingredients used in the base of any vape oil are designed to condense and produce a vapor at exactly the right pressure and temperature as a vape pen provides. This means you're guaranteed the same quality flavor for every drop of juice.


Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

You may find some vape juices are 100% propylene glycol (PG) or 100% vegetable glycerin (VG), but most will be a mix of the two. These are safe and common household chemicals: you'll find them in all sorts of things such as toothpaste!

This is the base oil that other ingredients are added to. Both PG and VG are technically classed as alcohols -- but you won't get intoxicated from them.

The liquid forms of PG and VG are odorless and clear, which is what makes them such a great base for vape juices.

Most ejuices will combine PG and VG as they have slightly different properties. For example, PG is thinner - less viscous - than VG, which means it takes flavors on more effectively and provides a much stronger 'throat hit' when inhaled.

On the other hand, VG is sweeter tasting, which lends itself to candy and fruit flavors of ejuice. The thicker consistency of VG also makes it more suited to sub-ohm vaping, so if you're a fan then make sure your vape juice has a higher proportion of VG than PG in it.

Finally, VG is better for cloud chasers as the vape cloud it produces is thicker and more voluminous.



Between 2 - 5% of a vape juice bottle will be flavoring. This can be from natural substances, food-safe FDA-approved chemicals, or a combination of the two.

Flavors can range from smoking-replacements, such as menthol, right through to crazy combinations like cinnamon-glazed blueberry scone.



Nicotine is an optional ingredient, but it is found in the majority of vape juices. This is why many vapers switch to vaping to quit smoking: it helps with their nicotine habit without the dangerous chemicals.

Nicotine is an addictive ingredient, however, which is why there are many nicotine-free options out there too. These vape flavors are ideal for vapers who want to kick nicotine entirely, or who were not smokers before they started to vape.


Does Purity Matter?

The purer an ingredient, the better the flavor. More importantly, less pure ingredients may not be accurately measured, which means you won't get a consistent enjoyment from bottle to bottle.

Impure nicotine, for example, can affect the overall flavor of any ejuice. It will also affect your vaping equipment, as the impurities will gunk up the coil far more quickly than a pure nicotine added to the juice.

The base ingredients, PG and VG, must also be food-grade. This means they are safe to inhale: any vape juice that uses impure or non-food grade PG and VG puts your health at risk as you could inhale unknown contaminants.


Find the Best Vape Juices Online

Now you know what goes into every vape juice, and how the different ingredients can affect the quality of your vaping experience, it's easy to find the best ejuice for your preferred vape style.

We only stock brands that use the best vape oil ingredients, so that you can be sure of a great vape every time.

Check out our latest premium ejuice deals -- or opt for our mystery box if you're feeling adventurous.

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