WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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A Beginner's Guide to Drip Vaping the Right Way

A Beginner's Guide to Drip Vaping the Right Way

Wonder how to get those huge voluminous clouds from vaping? Need a better hit and more control? If you’re an experienced vaper looking for more, consider drip vaping.

Curious? Keep reading to learn about the drip vape process and if it’s for you.

What is Drip Vaping?

Simply put, drip vaping involves manually putting drops of juice on the coils rather than relying on the device to do it for you. Another thing you’ll have to do yourself is to build your coils.

Why Drip Vaping?


There are two major benefits that drippers are after:

1. Cloud Chasing

If you value vaping massive clouds that your friends can’t compete with, drip vaping will get you there.

2. Flavor Control

Naturally, when you’re the one controlling the delivery of the e-juice, you’re in control of the flavor intensity too. Dripping supplies a more flavorful hit than the standard vape.

If you like to switch flavors often, dripping makes it easier. There’s no need to switch out the entire tank. You can mix it up whenever you want.


The one major drawback to dripping is the inconvenience of reapplying juice. Although adding e-juice to a drip atomizer is faster than filling a tank, you’ll have to do it more often.

How to Drip Vape

The first thing you’ll want to do is buy a rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA). You’ll find them in the $10 to $100 price range. If you like the option of vaping with a tank and an RDA, look for a model that can be used with both.

Next, if you don’t already have vegetable glycerin (VG) based e-juice, you’ll want some of that too. It’s thicker and works better for dripping.

Steps to Dripping

Once you have the RDA and juice, dripping is simple:

  1. Find the coils under the drip tip.
  2. Place 3–5 drops of VG e-juice on the coil. Avoid oversaturating the coils; it causes spitting.
  3. Replace the drip tip.
  4. Take hits until you get a dry hit.
  5. Repeat as desired.

You’ll get up to 10 hits from one application.

A Word of Caution

There are a couple of things you’ll want to be aware of while drip vaping. Keep an eye on these to stay safe.

  1. Be careful with the amount of e-juice that you drip at once. Dripping has the potential of delivering large doses of nicotine. It is possible to overdose or become sick from too much nicotine.

  2. Since coil resistance is so low while cloud chasing, battery temperatures get really hot.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Drip vaping is easy to get into without a large cash investment. But, it’ll take a bit of practice to become a drip vape pro.

Who knows? You might become the next cloud chaser champion. At the very least, you’re sure to impress your friends.

Need help building the perfect RDA? Check out our RDA building basics overview.

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