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RDA Builds That Give You Cosmic Clouds

Ultimate Vape Deals - RDA Builds For Cosmic Clouds

Bigger clouds and bigger flavor. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Vaping has a large fanbase that is still growing. The fans demand only the best innovations in delicious, luscious e-juices

If you have a DIY spirit and a screwdriver, you can create the custom modifications of your dreams. Make the best rig with your own RDA builds.

Thick, giant clouds of sweet vapor? No problem.

Deeper flavor and more throaty feel? You're covered.

New to building, so you need easy? There's an RDA for you.

Rebuildable drip atomizers (RDA) are the ultimate hobbyist tool. Read on to learn more about 6 coil designs for your very best RDA.


RDA Builds Basics

A rebuildable system means that you wrap your own coil, attach it to a system and add the wick. You will "drip" your favorite directly onto the wick and coils. There are many different builds possible, each one depends on the desired vape. 

Building your own allows calibration of clouds and flavor to your exact preference.


Six Vape Coil Builds to Try

RDAs produce both massive clouds and strong flavors. Depending on your build, some will be better at one than the other. The simplest RDAs are 2-post, 4-terminal decks or clamp style decks. Slightly more advanced are postless build decks, which allow for dual coils or larger single coil builds.

An RDA that produces both good flavor and large clouds is the "Holy Grail" for some people.


RDA Builds for Clouds

These vape coil builds generate huge, thick clouds of vapor with their generous airflow. They are a favorite of direct lung vapers.


Clapton coils are so named because they look like guitar strings. They are a central core of thicker wire with a thinner gauge wire wrapped around it. This increases the surface area of the coil.


Parallel coils wrap two strands side by side simultaneously.  It's two individual interlocked coils.  This reduces resistance and increases the coil's surface area. 


Twisted coils are two equal-gauge wires are twisted together similar to Clapton coils. 


Vape Coils for Flavor

Different elements of juices come out at different temperatures. Changing how hot your coil gets optimizes flavor.


Staged heating coils incorporate a simple wire alongside a Clapton coil or something similar. This produces a coil where different parts reach different temperatures at different times. 


Staple coils wrap an outer wire around a stack of ribbon wire. The flat edge of the stack shapes the outer wire wrap into a series of ridges like a bar of staples.  The result is a high surface area coil recommended for flavor. 


Alien coils are thick, bulky coils made by wrapping a thin gauge wire around a central core of thicker wire. The core is then removed and replaced by a multi-strand core. These coils have a distinctive look and large surface area. 


RDAs for Beginners and Experts 

Your imagination is the limit for RDA builds. The key is learning the basics of coils and building your own a few times. You can always adjust your build to give you flavor AND vapor.

Check out our recommended hardware suppliers to get the RDA for your build. 

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