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5 Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

5 Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

If you vape, you're definitely not alone: an estimated 40 million people around the world are with you. But are you a part of the rising number of flavor-chasing vapors? If you are (or if you're interested in becoming one), we've got an amazing guide for you!

Here are 5 tips to make sure your setup is the best vape setup for flavor.

1. Perfect Your Settings to Achieve the Best Vape Setup for Flavor

First, you'll want to make sure you have the ideal temperature and wattage settings to get the best flavor. Because different flavors of your juice vaporize at different temperatures, the way you set the temperature will affect how the juice tastes.

Unfortunately, you'll have to experiment. Start low and increase the voltage until you achieve your ideal flavor. Once you know the best vape settings for that juice, you'll have a more consistent vape flavor.

Of course, not all devices have variable voltage, so be sure to pick one of these out when you're getting started to give you more control over your flavor.

2. Choose the Right Coil

You'll want to be sure when buying your coil that you choose the best vape coil for flavor. (If this all sounds like nonsense to you right now, you're going to want to read our vape parts guide to get you acquainted with the different names for pieces of your setup.) Although personal preference is key, there are some general rules of thumb to consider when choosing your coil.

Top-coil clearomizers are a no-go because they don't wick efficiently. Meanwhile, bottom-coil options are better because they work with gravity instead of against it.

And if you want better overall performance, you'll want sub ohm tanks, which allow you to use even smaller coils. Because larger coils let more air pass through the coil and result in a reduced flavor, it's best to choose the smallest coil, which will be your best coil for flavor.

If you're planning on getting a new coil so you can have the best coil for flavor, read our guide on replacing your coil.

3. Perfect Your Airflow

Modifying airflow is a huge factor for achieving the best vape setup for flavor. As stated above, you'll want less airflow over your coil to enhance flavor. This results in a denser and warmer vape.

Of course, if you close off airflow too much, you'll have poor production. And again, if you can get under coil airflow, it's definitely going to improve flavor and taste.

4. Choose the Right Juice

The key to choosing the right juice for flavor is getting the right PG/VG ratio. In general, PG-based juices tend to have a better flavor. That's because VG has a touch of sweetness that may interfere in your juice flavor.

To get the best flavor, we recommend getting at least a 50/50 PG/VG mix, although bumping up your percentage of PG would be even better. You can also "steep" your juice (leave it in a cool, dark place while occasionally shaking the bottle) to improve the taste.

5. Keep Your Setup Clean

You should be doing this anyway, but if you care about flavor it's especially important: keep your vape tank clean. Over time, grime will build up and either make the flavor taste burnt or make the different flavors you've used in the tank mix together. You don't need to clean after every flavor change, but it's a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning frequently.

Buy Some New Juice Flavors for Your Collection

Clearly, the global vaping market is on the rise. With so many choices out there, how do you know the right vaping supply source for you?

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