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How to Replace Your Coil

Ultimate Vape Deals - How to Replace Your Coil

Have you noticed your vape losing steam? Maybe something doesn't taste quite like it did when it was brand new. Or you hear a gurgling noise when you puff.

It could be time to change your coil. But don't be intimidated--vape coil replacement is a simple process.

We'll walk you through how to change a vape coil.


What is the Coil?

The coil in your e-cig is the heating element. This is what heats the e-juice and creates the vapor.

Coils are made from conductors like ceramics, stainless steel, Kanthal wire, and nickel.


How to Replace Coil in Vape

1. Disconnect the Power

Unscrew the battery from the mouthpiece.

Pour out any liquid still in the glass tank.


2. Unscrew the Coil

Find your coil, either in the top or bottom of the center tube.

It's held in place by a cap. Unscrew the metal cap from the tank.

Then hold the coil with a paper towel or wear gloves. This protects your fingers from remaining liquid or residue on the coil.

Depending on your type of vape, you'll need an Allen wrench or a hex-screw. Do a quick Google search to find what you need.


3. Install the New Coil

The new coil inserts exactly where the old coil was. Reverse the process of removing the coil. Be sure to screw the metal cap back in place.

Refill the outer part of the tank with your e-juice of choice, then re-attach the battery and the mouthpiece.

Before using it again, turn the ecig right side up and check for leaks.

Give the liquid a few minutes to soak into the wick. Then you're ready to vape.


How Often Should I Change the Coil?

The life of a coil depends on your vaping habits and personal preference.

In general, a clean ecig coil enhances your e-juice flavor and experience.

Some people prefer a new coil with each flavor change. Depending on your budget or pickiness, that might be a bit extreme.


Dirty Coil Symptoms

If you notice any of these issues, it's time for vape coil replacement:

  • Burnt taste
  • Reduced flavor
  • Less vapor production
  • Leaking e-juice
  • Gurgling
  • Lingering or mixing flavors

These things will happen anyway with consistent use. But there's no need to throw out the ecig. A coil change should do the trick.

If you vape often and for long periods of time, you'll need to change your coil every few days. For less frequent use, change the coil every 2-3 weeks.


Know How to Change A Vape Coil for Best Use

Get the most out of your vape by knowing how to change a vape coil. Check out our selection of replacement coils and e-juices to find the best flavors and parts for your ecig.

Haven't tried vape, yet? In 2014, the CDC estimated less than 13% of adults tried an ecig once.

But as vaping increases in popularity, it's also better for you and your family when compared to the effects of cigarette smoke. And vaping saves money compared to the expensive habit of smoking.

Keep your ecig coil clean and enjoy the benefits of vape!

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