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Yogi Original Granola Bar Ejuice

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Yogi Original Granola Bar eJuice by Yogi delivers a delicious granola taste with a slight hint of honey in every puff. Enjoy the crunchy flavor of freshly toasted oats mixed with golden blossom honey, perfect for picnics, dusty trails, or warm sessions by a campfire. Whatever your adventure is, don't forget your trusty original granola e-liquid! 

Brand: Yogi | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Original Granola Bar Ejuice Flavor Description 

You ever go on a long dusty hike and reach in your knapsack for a handful of smooth and crunchy granola? That delicate honey taste invades your mouth with pure and delicious sweetness, refreshing your taste buds and giving you that energy to finish your trail? If only that fantastic flavor could be transformed into smooth and puffy cloud form. Well thanks to the innovative creation from Yogi, wish is now a reality! Thick handful of freshly rolled oats are baked to a golden brown perfection, crisp and crunchy. A drizzle of wild golden blossom honey is lovingly poured over the oats, infusing that sweet and sticky consistency into each cluster.

The granola is shaped into oblong bars and is stuffed into the 60mL bottle you see before you. Delicious and pure granola flavor emanates from every pufff, the crunchiness of the granola blending perfectly with the wild sweet honey. Enjoy a riveting original masterpiece in e-liquid form that satisfies your craving for something sweet. Gone are the boring and mundane flavors the dominate the e-liquid market; now a unique and delicious treat is delivered straight to your waiting taste buds. For a sweet honey and crunchy granola cloud of goodness, look no further than Original Granola Bar eJuice by Yogi!