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Yogi Farms Salt Pineapple Ice Ejuice

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Yogi Farms Salt

Pineapple Ice eJuice by Yogi Farms Salt brings a cool pineapple cloud of flavor straight to your taste buds! Enjoy a snow-capped bowl of freshly carved pineapple slices, cold and tart and sweet. Treat your taste buds to a frosty winter wonderland where fruit and ice collide!

Bottle Size: 30ml | Flavor Type: Sweets, Nicotine Salt

Full Flavor Description

Brush the snow off this frosty 30mL bottle and dive headfirst into a winter wonderland of icy pineapple clouds! It's a delicious way to enjoy the fruits of the winter solstice, and shiver your way right into icy refreshment! A field of pineapple plants lay buried under six feet of ice, frozen by a freak snowstorm in the heart of winter. Dig deep into the frosty field and you'll be tastefully rewarded with frozen fruits in e-liquid form! Once these arctic fruits have been retrieved from their wintery caverns, their fresh summer flavor can finally be uncovered.

But there's a secret tucked safely inside each frosty matter how much the pineapples are left to thaw, that icy flavor still remains. You can take the fruit out of the winter wonderland, but that cold taste of winter refuses to leave the heart of the pineapples. If you enjoy fruit and menthol e-liquids, now you can puff on a Nic-salt rendition and satisfy your cravings for strong flavor and chilly menthol goodness. Enjoy a bottle of flash-frozen pineapples, sweet and juicy on the inhale but wickedly cold and icy on the exhale, all made possible by Pineapple Ice eJuice by Yogi Farms Salt!