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Yogi Farms Pomegranate Ejuice

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Yogi Farms

Pomegranate eJuice boy Yogi Farms delivers the rich and satisfying flavor of ripe pineapples in e-liquid form. Pomegranates abound in this all-day vape juice, making it a truly unique e-liquid creation. Treat your taste buds to a juicy and refreshing fruit flavor, bursting with the rare fruit of the gods in every puff!

Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Pomegranate flavor is the name of the game, and Yogi Farms has got the game beat! We searched the entire Underworld to wrestle these tasty fruits from Hades' grasp! Battling Cerberus, crossing the River Styx, and finally gathering thousands of these precious fruits proved to be treacherous, yet so worth it! Firm yet tender pomegranates abound in this fragrant e-liqiud, sending your taste buds into fruit overload! Tiny yet mighty pomegranate arils were carefully plucked from thousands of ripe pomegranates. These juicy seeds were crushed into a dark red liquid, brimming with powerful fruit flavor.

The rich pomegranate juice was then poured into the 60mL bottle you see before you. Our struggles to craft the perfect pomegranate e-liquid sits before you, ready to delight your taste buds and whisk your taste buds away with full-bodied fruit flavor. If you're a fan of the fruit and are searching for an authentic e-liquid replica, definitely give this all-day vape juice by Yogi Farms a try! Fresh pomegranate flavor yearns to delight your taste buds and give your palate a jolt of fresh fruit with every puff! From the smooth inhale to the sweet exhale, pomegranate flavor is easily detected throughout. If you're looking for a unique yet delicious fruit vape juice, Pomegranate eJuice by Yogi Farms is one you won't want to miss!