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Verdict Vapors PINK Ejuice

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PINK Ejuice by Verdict Vapors features the flavor of your favorite chewy pink taffy square candy. Feast on a delicious blend of juicy taffy and sweet pink berries. We're yet to discover how they managed to fit so much flavor in a single square, but by gosh they have! 

Brand: Verdict Vapors | Bottle Size: 2x 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Verdict Vapors PINK Ejuice Description

Everything you love about a chewy square of soft pink taffy is now available in e-liquid form, thanks to this delicious e-liquid creation from Verdict Vapors called PINK! We don't only vape PINK on Fridays, but enjoy this delightful vape juice throughout the week, much to the delight of our taste buds. We start out with a handful of fresh pink berries. Sweet raspberries and ripe strawberries are the dominant flavors in this e-liquid, plucked in the heat of the summer sun. 

Each berry is inspected for premium ripeness and offers a juicy burst of flavor in each bite. The berries are tossed into a vat of liquid taffy and are swirled around to confirm a complete combination of sweets and fruit. Thanks to the blend of berries and taffy, the taffy is stained a bright pink! The pink taffy is pulled and stretched to ensure a chewy texture. Finally, the taffy is pressed into a tiny square, ready to be wrapped in a brightly colored square of wax paper. This inexplicably juicy sweet is what your taste buds have been craving, full of sweet berry and chewy taffy flavor. Indulge in a flavor that bursts with delicious flavor in every cloud, thanks to PINK eJuice by Verdict Vapors!