WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Uwell Caliburn A3S Pods

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Upgrade your vaping setup with the Uwell Caliburn A3S Replacement Pods—a must-have accessory for every vaper. These pods feature a generous 2mL refillable capacity, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite eJuices for extended periods. Crafted from durable PCTG material, these pods are designed to withstand everyday use. The convenient side fill system simplifies refilling, and the integrated 0.8ohm or 1.0ohm coils provide outstanding flavor. With a magnetic connection, replacing these pods is a breeze.


  • Pod Capacity: 2mL
  • Construction: PCTG
  • Fill-System: Side Fill System
  • Coil Support: Integrated Coil
  • Pod Connection: Magnetic
  • Comes in a pack of four (4)

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Collins

To be honest, I've been with Caliburn since the beginning. i have the OG system with 1 OG pod in it. I thought to myself its time to get a new one... old one still works perfectly well enough though. The pods that came with the S3 (the snap off while in the system ones) were awesome and worked brilliantly... however they are no longer available. The A3s pods however, are... kind of garbage because they fucking LEAK. they leak so much that i just filled a pod not more than a couple hours ago, hit it moderately regularly and ITS EMPTY. And i can tell it leaks because theres vape juice all over the pot when i remove it from the system as well as when i hold it out of the system I CAN SEE THE SOLUTION LITERALLY LEAVING THE BOTTOM WHERE THE VAPORIZER IS. I really wish that caliburn would stray away from the liberal practice of creating their product to fail so that you need to replace it more often... I literally started using this pod 2 days ago after the previous A3s pod shit the bed and wasted half my fucking juice from leaking. this is a disgusting practice where products are made to fail just so you need to replace them. I bought my friends systems before i knew this would happen... If i knew this prior i would have gone with a different brand. It would be completetly different if i could BUY THE A3 original pods.... BUT I CANT. THEY ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND... PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY WORKED AND DIDNT LEAK. ONE STAR. GET IT BACK TOGETHER CALIBURN OR WE WILL NEVER BUY OR ENDORSE YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN.