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Tropic King Maui Mango Ejuice

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Tropic King

Maui Mango eJuice by Tropic King brings the sweet flavor of ripe mangos, tart pineapples, and fresh Florida oranges right to your tank! Enjoy a refreshing blend of tropical fruit e-liquid that simply gushes with flavor! For fruit lovers everywhere, send your taste buds on a tropical cloud vacation with all your favorite summer fruits!

Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Crown your taste buds king of the tropics with this royal flavor, featuring juicy mangos, sweet pineapples, and ripe oranges in every cloud! We start off with the base of this e-liquid: refreshing island mangos! These sweet fruits are plucked at the height of freshness, soft and sweet. The mangoes are stripped of their skin and sliced into thick slices that drip with sticky sweet mango juice. Next, we have tangy pineapples. These prickly fruits are stripped of their spiky armor to reveal the ripe and juicy pineapple flesh within.

Each pineapple is carved into thick spears, ready to slam into your vape tank with all the freshness the island has to offer! And finally, we get to the last ingredient in this e-liquid masterpiece: oranges! These smooth orange globes are firm and warmed from the tropical sun, their soft citrus scent driving your taste buds wild. Each orange is carefully peeled and separated into thick slices, offering the comforting taste of Florida in every cloud. Indulge in all the fruits the island has to offer and treat your taste buds to ripe and juicy fruit in every puff, thanks to Maui Mango by Tropic King!