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Tropic King Lychee Luau Ejuice

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Tropic King

Lychee Luau eJuice by Tropic King delivers a warm and sweet Hawaiian breeze of flavor to your lips. Warm lychee, juicy pears, and gushing peaches complete this holy e-liquid trinity. Grab your bottle today and dance in the deliciously fruity clouds, all made possible by the king of the tropical fruit e-liquids! 

Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Can you imagine a world where the freshest fruits are always ripe, ready to be plucked and enjoyed at a moment's notice? Then you've discovered the kingdom of fruit-scented clouds, stuffed with fresh fruits at every puff! We start off with the sweet and juicy peaches, plucked warm from the sunny rays of Georgia. You can almost taste the warm sunshine in the first bite of the fresh fruit. The soft and fuzzy fruits bring a delicious burst of flavor that your taste buds will adore. Next, we have the smooth and grainy d'Anjou pears.

Each firm pear is soft and perfectly ripe, every bite releasing the sweet and sticky juices within. And finally, we have exotic lychees, the main fruit component in this e-liquid! Lychees are such a delicate fruit but pack a powerful fruit flavor that will surely knock your taste buds to their knees! Take your taste buds on a tropical cloud vacation, where rich and succulent fruit flavor abounds in a single puff. You'll never want to put this flavorful fruit e-juice down, and who can blame you? Stuff your face with ripe peach, juicy pear, and sweet lychee clouds all day long, also known as Lychee Luau eJuice by Tropic King!