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Tropic King Cucumber Cooler Ejuice

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Tropic King

Cucumber Cooler eJuice by Tropic King brings a delightfully refreshing flavor of juicy summer watermelon, calming cucumber, and tart lime juice to your vape tank. Stay cool amidst the unbearable summer heat with this unique and delicious all-day vape juice from the king of tropical e-liquids!

Bottle Size: 100mL | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Chill out and relax with this smooth and refreshing e-liquid that may very well turn out to be your new all-day favorite! We start out with an unlikely flavor, but expertly crafted to pique your vape taste bud's curiosity. Each of these cucumbers are brought in from the garden, fat and perfectly ripened. These bad boys get peeled and cut into thick slices, ready to dazzle your taste buds with calm cucumber flavor. Next, we have your favorite summer melons: juicy red watermelons! These swollen melons nearly broke our back to harvest, but we managed to drag it into the kitchen somehow!

These juicy melons were split open to reveal the dark red flesh within, sweet and mouthwatering with every slice. Finally, we complete our fruit cocktail with a twist: a lime twist that is! Firm green limes are hacked in half with a flourish, and then are completely squeezed to release the tart juice over the watermelons and cucumbers. Dig into this luxurious cloud of flavor and treat your taste buds to the refreshing flavor of summer they deserve. Smooth cucumbers, sweet watermelon, and zesty limes await your taste buds in this Cucumber Cooler eJuice by Tropic King!