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Tasty Cloud Classic Stay Gold eJuice

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Stay Gold eJuice by Tasty Clouds Classic is a sweet and savory blend of rich tobacco, candied apples, melted caramel, and warm vanilla flavors. Experience a rush of tobacco clouds like never before and fall in love with this flavor every time you taste it. This unique e-liquid comes in 120mL bottles and is available at Ultimate Vape Deals in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine options.

Brand: Tasty Cloud Classic | Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 50/50 | Flavor Type: Tobacco

Stay Gold eJuice Description

Stay Gold eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic delivers a sweet and savory cloud that is almost too good to be true! We start by heading to Virginia Beach, where nearby tobacco fields are full of ripe tobacco leaves. We stuffed our bags with the ripe leaves and soon our bags were full. We headed back home but passed a country carnival on the way. We wandered around the booths until we discovered a candied apple counter. We selected several sticky apples and added them to our bag. Next, we stopped at a homemade caramel booth, where thick squares of the stuff were wrapped loosely in wax paper. 

We purchased several fat squares and loaded them into our bag. We finally made our way back home, but alas, the contents of our bag were such a mess! The hot sun melted the caramel and apples, fusing the warm tobacco leaves to the treats in a gooey mess. Instead of furiously throwing everything out, we added a dash of vanilla extract to the concoction and pushed the sticky mess into a 120mL bottle. That bottle is what you see before you today, full of carnival sweets and bold vanilla tobacco flavors. Enjoy this sweet and savory tobacco flavor throughout your day, thanks to Stay Gold eJuice by Tasty Cloud Classic!