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Sweet Collection Sour Sweet Green Ejuice

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Sweet Collection

Sour Sweet Green eJuice by Sweet Collection is a juicy combination of warm tangerines, zesty limes, and sunkissed strawberries. The sweetness of the citrus and berries is complimented by a powerful kick of sour from the limes. Treat your taste buds to the best of both worlds and puff on sweet and sour fruits all day long!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

When an e-liquid boasts sweet and sour in the title, you know you're in for a treat! This delicious all-day vape juice delivers the smoothness of fresh fruits in the inhale, only to be followed by a mean kick of sour on the exhale! We start off with sweet citrus, in the form of adorable tangerines! These cuties were plucked at the peak of ripeness from the lush groves in the Florida Everglades, offering the warm flavor of summer in every slice. Next, we have supple strawberries, ripened to a mouthwatering ruby red in the heat of the midmorning sun. These sunkissed berries offer a rich and juicy berry flavor that your taste buds won't want to miss.

Berries and citrus blend together perfectly on the inhale but there's a special surprise waiting for you on the exhale: key lime sourness! That's right, Florida couldn't give up the sweet citrus only without sneaking in the sourness of the limes! Firm tart limes are rolled to release their fresh juice, and are cut in half. The lime halves are then squeezed completely, every drop of that sour flavor drizzled onto the waiting tangerines and strawberries. Enjoy a fresh and fruity infusion of sweet and sour fruits, every puff better than the last. You won't find this delicious flavor anywhere else, so stock up on Sour Sweet Green eJuice from Sweet Collection before we run out!