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Sweet Collection Rainbow Sour Strings Ejuice

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Sweet Collection

Rainbow Sour Strings eJuice by Sweet Collection introduces your taste buds to the flip side of the rainbow, offering a punch of sour mingled with sweet! Feast on a cornucopia of fresh fruits, featuring juicy Florida oranges, black cherries, and tart pineapples. But don't forget the mean kick of sour green apples and those mouth-squinching lemons!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

String your taste buds along with this delicious cloud of sweet and sour rainbow straws! We have a sweet and sour fruit overload, waiting to ambush your taste buds. We start off with the sweetness of this flavor, featuring three of your favorite fruits. Dark black cherries are plucked at the prime ripeness, their rich and royal flavor heavily prevalent in every puff. Smooth Florida oranges come through as well, sweet and juicy from the Everglades. Finally, tangy pineapples rush in with a tartness that sweet yet slightly sour flavor that prepares you for the exhale of sour flavor! Speaking of the exhale, two powerhouse fruits unite to bring you that burst of sour you're looking for.

Mean green apples deliver a kick of sour with every slice, the tart flavor washing over your taste buds in delicious waves. And just for good measure, freshly squeezed lemon juice is drizzled over the entire fruit concoction. The sour flavor of the lemons gets infused into all the fruits and is ready to be added to a liquid candy blend. Sweet and sour candy gets pulled into thin straws and is rolled in sour sugar for an extra burst of flavor your taste buds will love. Enjoy a premium e-liquid blend with authentic sweet and sour candy flavor in every puff, also known as Rainbow Sour Strings eJuice from Sweet Collection!