WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Road Trip Desert Stardust Blend Mushroom Gummies

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"Desert Stardust," an exclusive magic mushroom blend, invites you on an extraordinary journey amidst the celestial wonders. Inspired by the breathtaking experiences of those who seek to connect with the universe's grandeur, our product captures the enchantment of starlit desert nights. This proprietary blend offers various experiences:

  • Starting Dose - 1/2 Gummy: Elevate your mood and enhance focus.
  • Low Dose - 1 Gummy: Indulge in giddy sensations and a pleasant body high.
  • Moderate-High Dose - 2-3 Gummies: Initiate onset euphoria and captivating visual tracing.
  • Buckle Up with 4 Gummies: Embark on a profound spiritual journey.

Exclusively for adults, carefully evaluate your tolerance for dosage, and patiently wait 30-60 minutes for the full effect. These gummies feature nanotized extract for rapid absorption; for optimal results, chew them thoroughly and let them linger under your tongue and around your gums for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Be assured, this product does not contain psilocybin or ibotenic acid. Consume our proprietary mushroom blend responsibly to discover altered perception, heightened creativity, introspection, and an enriched mood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Crystal Moore

I cannot describe accurately the fun, full body euphoria, or the colors! They’re the only ones that had this effect out of the several brands I’ve tried — 10/10 GET THESE!

Teresa Kennedy
My favorite!

Great customer service, awesome products, amazing prices 10/10 recommendation!

Hits quick and hard

I took 3 of 4 gummies as instructed really good body high and minor visuals peak within like 30 -45mins lasted 2-3 hours? By 3rd hour it started to wear off little by little... by 5th hour it was pretty much over.. way more intense than i expected... its nothing like the ones i tried at my local smoke shop like nootropic blends or whatever.. I enjoyed it would do again!! I would reccomend to anyone who likes shroomz

Janelle Stambaugh
Horribly sick

They made me violently ill

Lindsay Jewell
OMG Sooooo Amazing

The most beautiful visuals I have ever seen. I got a little scared at first but after I relaxed I was able to experience a world with geometric shapes and everything was irradecent. I never have experienced anything like it. Everything seemed clear and YES....there was some awsome spiritual stuff that occurred. I took the whole bag FYI and am female about 145. This is so far the only one that has given visuals. SO DO NOT DRIVE IF YOU ARE TAKING A LARGE DOSE. IT WILL HIT QUICK.