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Ripe Collection Straw Nanners Eliquid

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Straw Nanners eJuice by Ripe Collection invites you to take a journey through the fruit fields in the clouds and indulge in the flavors you crave. Every 100mL bottle is packed with strawberry and banana flavors in a 75/25 VG/PG blend, perfectly smooth and high-quality. Get yours today at Ultimate Vape Deals!

Brand: Ripe Collection | Ratio: 75/25 | Bottle Size: 100ml | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Straw Nanners eJuice by Ripe Collection offers ripe strawberry and creamy banana sweetness, making every puff a trip down memory lane. Homemade strawberry banana smoothies were the highlight of post-school snack time, and you can trust and believe that Ripe Collection nailed this delightful flavor. On the inhale, experience a gush of juicy strawberry flavor, and on the exhale, fragrant ripe banana enters, bringing the whole affair together with that unmatchable fruity sweetness. If your mouth is already watering, you'd better stock up!

To create this delicious vape juice flavor, the experts at the Ripe Collection vape laboratory searched far and wide for the mythical strawberry banana tree, rumored to produce magically fused fruits. In the jungles of the Amazon, past winding rivers and through reaching vines, the explorers located the plant and reveled in its majesty. The fruits on the branches shined like gemstones in the sun with soft flesh and juicy nectar. Luckily, you don't have to hop on a plane to enjoy this delightful flavor! Just grab yourself a bottle of Straw Nanners eJuice by Ripe Collection and enjoy every magical puff.

Customer Reviews
Based on 31 reviews
Brad S.
Pirty darn good!!

So in writing this review because I see people say that this juice is hard on coils. Well I use the smok Rpm 40 coils and the Rpm 2 coils , in gonna tell you that I have not had any problems with my coils going out to early. The coils I use last me at least 2 wks per coil. I think that is pretty damn good. Now I have had different juices that burn my coils out pretty fast about a wk and when it had to change my coils every wk it get kinda old fast and was costing me more. But every since I started using this juice need I say this juice is freaking amazing best tasting juice is ever vaped. Anyway the coils don't burn out supper fast at all like I said I have to change mine like once every 2 wks. So in using 2 coils a month. Now that would make a pack of 5 coils last 2 an a half months. I mean what is there to complain about that I think that is great that in not using a pack at least once a month. But if you haven't tried this straw nanners juice and like that flavor or just like more fruity flavors you will for sure like this. I was vaping a different brand of strawberry banana juice before I got this and it was good I loved it but when i feasted my taste buds on this one of a kind mouth watering best strawberry banana juice is fell head over hills and haven't looked back. I ordered this juice all them time I have learned that I sells out pretty fast so I have been ordering multiable bottles at a time. Just be careful if you order to many and you don't store proper they will turn like a dark rust red looking color and with my situation they tasted bad as all get get out when that happened so now I ordered 3 to four bottles at a time and that will last me couple months then when I started getting low and by getting low in mean like down to two bottles or maybe one I order more I just don't like getting to low cause it can be hard to come by from time to time and if can not go with out this incredibly delicious juice. It is my daily and the best juice is have ever vaped.

Jeffrey D.

This has an excellent Strawberry flavor with a strong hint of banana. I really enjoyed this blend. It will definitely be on my next order! I use this with a Smok baby prince at a much lower wattage than normal.

Cyrus W.

Flavor good blend harsh on coils shipping is fast and on time

Jose M.
Pixe 4 pack bundle

On time

Anthony H.
Pixe 4 Pack Bundle

I was so happy to get two bottles of it!

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