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Ripe Collection Ice Straw Nanners Eliquid

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Straw Nanners is a delicious vape juice that is part of the Ripe Collection Iced. This ejuice blends the flavors of ripe bananas, strawberries, and menthol.

Straw Nanners is an exciting vape juice that will undoubtedly impress most vaping enthusiasts. This ejuice has a delicate that will make your taste buds water with every hit that you take. All the flavors in this ejuice are of premium quality. And none of them taste like they contain any weird or chemical flavors. The ripe strawberries, bananas and menthol flavors come together excellently. These three flavors complement each other to make Straw Nanners a superb vape. Straw Nanners is the kind of ejuice that you can recommend to your friends and family. And although this ejuice is ideal for the summer season, you can comfortably vape this ejuice all day long and not get bored.

Straw Nanners has a pleasant all-around taste that makes it fun to vape. When you vape this Ripe Collection Iced ejuice, it is the taste of the ripe bananas and its sweetness that fills the mouth. And the taste of the ripe berries can also be felt on the inhale. And when you exhale, it is the taste of the menthol flavor that becomes dominant. Straw Nanners also has a pleasant and long-lasting aftertaste.