WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Reds Apple Guava Iced eJuice

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Guava Iced eJuice by Reds is a frosty blend of icy guava chunks and frozen apple slices. Chill your taste buds into a frozen bliss with this delicious fusion of flash-frozen fruits. Your taste buds will want to make snow angles in the frosty clouds that come from this icy fruit vape juice!

Brand: Reds Apple | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol

Reds Guava Iced Description

With a flavor this frosty, you'll feel like you've jumped into an icy cloud of apples and guava! Guava Iced eJuice by Reds delivers a freezing blast of winter freshness, thanks to the frozen guava chunks and icy apple slices. Our story begins in the flash-frozen guava orchards in Colombia. A freak snowstorm blasted all the tiny trees and coated them in a thick layer of ice. The guava fruits are now infused with the icy chill of winter. But that's not the only frozen fruit in this chilled e-juice; we've also got icy apples!

The same freak snowstorm nearly destroyed a sprawling apple orchard. The apples are safely preserved under a thick blanket of snow. The chilly taste of winter lays buried in each of the apples, ready to freeze your taste buds with its icy goodness. We gathered up as many of these frozen fruits as we could carry and spread them out before a roaring fire to try to defrost the fruits. No matter how long we left these icy fruits to thaw, that icy chill still remains! Enjoy an icy cloud stuffed with frozen guavas and chilly apples in every cloud, thanks to Guava Iced eJuice by Reds!

Customer Reviews

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Ashley K.
Delicious!! A go to vape

Quick delivery, great price will definitely order again

Good Guava Menthol Flavor

Menthol is a little bit overpowered by the Guava flavor. Overall it's good juice. I like more menthol with the fruit being a little more subtle.

Yolanda R.
Iced Guava

I LOVE THIS JUICE! It’s the only thing I vape. Prices are great and delivery is quick.

George H.


Sean Piltzecker

Thanks. This is the only juice I enjoy. Timely delivery