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Reds Apple Ejuice

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Apple eJuice by Reds features the crisp and delicious flavor of freshly picked apples. This flavor was crafted with fruit-loving vapers in mind, ready to delight your taste buds with its rich authentic flavor. No other flavor is needed in this vape juice; it's delicious all on its own!

Brand: Reds Apple | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Reds Apple Ejuice Description

Take a trip through the orchard clouds with this sensational vape juice called Apple eJuice by Reds. Take a moment to imagine standing in an orchard of apple trees. The warm autumn air blows a gentle breeze to tousle your hair and invigorate your lungs. The sweet scent of ripe apples is everywhere, calling out to your taste buds to hurry up and pick the fruits from the branches. You step up to an apple tree that's laden with ripe red apples. The sun gleams off its surface, taunting your taste buds with each passing second. You tear the apple off the branch and sink your teeth deep into the crisp fruit. 

Sweet and sticky apple juice runs down your chin and washes over your tongue, bathing your taste buds in that refreshing apple flavor. Now that we've got you foaming at the mouth for that delicious apple flavor, check out Reds Apple eJuice! This juicy flavor features everything you love about apples in a single cloud! Instead of wishing you could find time to visit an actual apple orchard, now you can bring the orchard to you! Enjoy a refreshing vape juice that packs a powerful punch of flavor with just one puff, thanks to Apple eJuice by Reds!