WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nude TFN P.O.M. 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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If you can’t get enough of a tropical, citrus, and ripe fruit flavor, then pick up the P.O.M. eJuice by Nude TFN 2-Pack Bundle at Ultimate Vape Deals! This blend of pineapple, orange, and mango flavors is just as refreshing as it sounds, and your sub-ohm tank pom-enantly needs to be filled with it.

Brand: Nude | Bottle Size: 240ml (2x120ml) | Flavor Type: Fruit

P.O.M. eJuice by Nude TFN 2-Pack Bundle Details

P.O.M eJuice by Nude TFN brings golden pineapple, juicy orange, and sweet mango flavors together for a perfectly balanced mix of sweetness and tanginess. Not many vape juices can combine so many fruity flavors together and manage to get them all distinguishable in a single puff, but P.O.M. eJuice rises to that challenge and delivers a smashing home run! This scrumptious flavor features a tobacco free nicotine formula, which allows for a purer taste and smoother puffs while eliminating any coughing fits from harsh throat hits that traditional nicotine may cause. Luckily, Ultimate Vape Deals offers the premium deal of 240mL (two 120mL bottles) at 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg tobacco free nicotine strength, but at an affordable price. Grab the P.O.M. eJuice by Nude TFN 2-Pack Bundle and vape better while saving today!

Customer Reviews

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Brett U.
Mystery box

Quality is great!!
The line is the best!!
The flavor is fantastic!!

Jessica G.
Mystery box

Delicious flavor!

Lyudmila H.
Mystery Box

Very tasty

Mark C.
Mystery box


O'keefe D.
Mystery box

My very favorite flavor ever. Balanced and not too sweet.