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Nude G.A.S. Ejuice

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Flavor Description

G.A.S. Ejuice by Nude lets you enjoy the pure and simple flavor of three delicious fruits all wrapped up into one delicious eliquid! Exotic guava, crisp apples, and lush strawberries blend together in one beautiful fruit cloud!

Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Amuse yourself with this funny acronym, make no mistake about how seriously delicious this pure and fruity flavor is! Enjoy a rich and exotic chunk of freshly imported Colombian guava! This dusky pink flesh is sweet and juicy, and ready to delight your vape taste buds in “ay caramba!” fashion! Next in this fruity lineup are crisp apples, firm and juicy! But you won’t really appreciate the juiciness until you take that first bite of the apple and feel the juice run in rivers down your chin! This sweet and ripe apple is fall’s most famous fruit, and promises to delight your vape taste buds year ‘round!

And finally, in this trifecta of juicy fruits, ruby-red strawberries deliver a powerful punch of ripe and delicious sweetness. These fat berries offer a bold statement of summer, with warm streaks of summer sun nestled into each thick sliver. Nude takes the guesswork out of choosing a new flavor, and delivers a sweet and juicy eliquid that will enthrall your vape taste buds and the nostrils of any vaper around! Delight your vape taste buds with freshly picked handfuls of juicy guava, crisp apples, and succulent strawberries in every cloud, thanks to G.A.S. by Nude!