WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nude APK eJuice

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A.P.K. eJuice by Nude TFN lets you enjoy the pure and simple flavor of three delicious fruits all wrapped up into one delicious vape juice! The taste of crisp October apples, juicy d’Anjou pears, and exotic kiwis blend together in one delicious fruit cloud. Pick up 120mL bottles at 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg tobacco free nicotine strength at Ultimate Vape Deals!

Brand: Nude | Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

A.P.K. eJuice by Nude TFN Details

Let your vape taste buds run amok in the delicious fusion of sweet fruit flavors in A.P.K. eJuice by Nude TFN! First up, we have crisp October apples, freshly picked from the fall orchards. Each tree was so burdened with fruit, you could nearly hear it sigh in relief as these thick apples were plucked from its branches. The first bite of an apple is always the best, and this flavor delivers that fresh bite in every single cloud, whether it be the first puff or the last from the gigantic 120mL bottle. Next in this juicy lineup is fresh d’Anjou pears. These warm and soft fruits were gently sliced into fat wedges, offering a mouthwatering scent to anyone that chances to wander by. The final fruit in this fruit-filled trifecta is an unusual one. These exotic kiwis were imported from overseas to ensure a rich and deep emerald green in every sweet slice. These fat kiwis were relieved of their furry brown skins and carved into thick slices that will have your vape taste buds dancing for joy! Treat your sub-ohm tank to tasty green fruit flavors in every cloud with A.P.K. eJuice by Nude TFN, available now at Ultimate Vape Deals!

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Andrew W
Nude APK

I've been on a quest for the perfect juice, I've tried over 50 different flavors fromits of different brands. So far the Nude APK is the best I've had im hooked. I even find myself mixing it with other juices to make them more smokable.

LaHoma Bautista

I’ve tried practically all the juices on this website, and the new Juice, AP, K, and the others I have bought are the most amazing Juice ever I have no reason to look for any other Juice

Sarah Phelps
Taste like soap...

Nude APK had no fruit flavor to it, instead it tasted and had the consistency of handsoap. Due to the thickness, I ended up wasting 2 filters. Would never order again!!!

Jeff Parham
Incredible juice

The finest flavor APK is my all time go to when it comes to vape juice and is no joke the only thing I smoke 10/10 for sure

Really bad shipping experience

Unfortunately, I got my order with the products leaking. It seems was not proper sealed.