WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Keep It 100 Berry Au Lait eJuice

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Berry Au Lait eJuice, which was Strawberry Milk Ejuice by Keep It 100, lets you feast on a freshly whipped batch of strawberry milk, featuring a sweet and sugary strawberry syrup and cold farm fresh cream! Add a striped bendy straw and some whipped cream, and you’re in milkshake cloud heaven!

Brand: Keep It 100 | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Berry Au Lait Ejuice Description

Keep It 100 knows that when you want to create an eliquid that is 100% delicious and authentic, you have to use 100% delicious and authentic ingredients. In order to do that, the vape chemists traveled far and wide in search of creamy farm-fresh milk and ruby-red strawberries! Gallons of fresh cold cream were poured into a huge blender, readily awaiting a fruity addition to swirl into creamy fruity milk! And what better fruit milk than a sweetly churned glass of strawberry milk! An endless field of strawberries provided the sweet and juicy sun-kissed berries that found their way into our hearts and our clouds.

These sweet berries were pressed into a thick sugary strawberry syrup, where long ropes of thick pink syrup were squeezed into that milk-filled blender. As the blender was started, all you can see is a foaming sea of pink strawberry syrup colliding with fresh cold cream! Add a dollop of light whipped cream and drizzle with that same strawberry syrup, and your vape taste buds will be in strawberry milk heaven! Delight your vape taste buds with rich and creamy milk, flavored with sweet and sugary strawberry syrup, thanks to Berry Au Lait by Keep It 100!

Customer Reviews

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This is my daily vape mixed with another ejuice. keep it up ejuicedirect.

Franciscus Samu
Fast Delivery.

Best Juice Co. In the business!

Curt Dorman
Very Nice

Not sure EXACTLY what this vape's flavor is intended to be. It has definite strawberry overtones. It's sweet but NO perfume taste which is nice. It almost has a grape or raspberry taste as well.

RoseAnn McBroom
Great juice

I order from e juice often and love the service and absolutely love their juice.


Why the f*** can't you put a goddamn ingredient list on a f****** box why the hell do I have to buy something from some dumbass vape store and then look up online what the f*** the flavor is tell me what the flavor is on the box what are you so afraid of nobody's going to like your s*** well then suck it up because you probably make s***** crap