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Keep It 100 Nilla Almond Milk Ejuice

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Nilla Almond Milk Ejuice by Keep It 100 treats your vape taste buds to rich and frothy cream swirled with imported Tahitian vanilla and crunchy almond slivers! Lose yourself in a bold and flavorful eliquid that your vape taste buds won’t soon forget!

Brand: Keep It 100 | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

​Nilla Almond Milk Ejuice Description

Keep It 100 knows that when you want to create an eliquid that is 100% delicious and authentic, you have to use 100% delicious and authentic ingredients. In order to do that, the vape chemists traveled far and wide in search of rich vanilla, farm-fresh cream, and smooth almonds. Each of these ingredients were blended together to form a seamless bond that delights your vape taste buds and infuses your clouds with creamy goodness! Warm and frothy milk was rushed from a nearby dairy farm, freshly squeezed from the family cow to deliver a rich and creamy flavor in every cloud.

Freshly scraped vanilla bean was added to the milk, offering an exotic flavor of imported Tahitian vanilla goodness. And finally, finely sliced almonds were dumped into the mix, offering a nutty flavor to balance out the sweetness. These ingredients were poured into a blender and whirled on high to create a dreamy and lip-smacking flavor that will certainly leave you with a vanilla almond milk mustache! Delight your vape taste buds with rich and creamy milk, flavored with crunchy almond slivers and freshly scraped vanilla bean shavings, thanks to Nilla Almond Milk by Keep It 100!