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Keep It 100 Island Fusion Ejuice

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Keep It 100

Island Fusion ejuice, which was Kiberry Killa Ejuice by Keep It 100, lets you kill your clouds with fruity kindness, featuring lush ruby red strawberries and emerald green kiwis! Fruit’s favorite duo is back at again with a fresh flavor ready to slay your vape taste buds!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Full Flavor Description

Keep It 100 knows that when you want to create an eliquid that is 100% delicious and authentic, you have to use 100% delicious and authentic ingredients. In order to do that, the vape chemists traveled far and wide in search of the sweetest kiwis and the ripest strawberries. These succulent fruits are by far the favorite fruit duo in the fruit world, and rightly so as the sweetness of the strawberry is kept in check by the tanginess of the kiwis. Each of these lush strawberries were gathered by the armful in a wild forest, brimming with sun-kissed sweetness and untameable flavor.

The green kiwis were important from tropical islands to ensure a blast of fresh and juicy flavor in every cloud. These fruits were expertly blended together to deliver a well-round punch of flavor to your vape taste buds! Fresh fruits are always a treat to the parched palette, but now with Island Fusion, your vape taste buds can rest in peace knowing they’ve discovered a truly delicious fruit flavor! Sink your teeth into a warm and juicy sun-kissed strawberry in one bite and into a green and tangy kiwi slice in the next, thanks to Island Fusion by Keep It 100!