WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Juice Head Watermelon Lime eJuice

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Watermelon Lime Ejuice by Juice Head lets you enjoy a crisp and refreshing flavor of summer, featuring thick slices of freshly carved watermelon and fat wedges of zesty key limes! This refreshing fruit flavor promises to keep you cool for the summer with every juicy cloud!

Brand: Juice Head | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Watermelon Lime Ejuice

Feast on a sweet and refreshing cocktail of summer’s finest flavors, featuring lush watermelon swirled in a tangy limeade! Freshly carved chunks of watermelon glisten in the summer sun, cold and sweet. Each of these delectable slices offers a burst of juicy summer flavor, harvested fresh from the watermelon patch and sliced into thick and freshly cut slices. These watermelon chunks are squeezed until every last drop of flavor is wrung from the rind, leaving nothing wasted.

The watermelon juice is mingled with fat wedges of emerald green lime for a fresh and gentle hit of tart sweetness, refreshing your palette and quenching your thirst for a cool beverage. A single cup of pure cane sugar is added to the enormous pitcher of fresh limeade, offering a complimentary sweet to the sour in every cloud. Each of these ingredients were gathered carefully to ensure only the finest flavor in eliquid form. Juice Head gets ahead of the competition by presenting juicy fruits and sweet flavors, boasting with authentic goodness. Slake your thirst for something juicy and refreshing with a cold glass of watermelon limeade, thanks to Watermelon Lime by Juice Head!

Customer Reviews

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Roy White

Love the juice head flavors. Shipping was very fast, you are always out of the coils that I use us is uaforce n3

Not received

Haven’t received it!

Juice Head

Just like every Juice Head juice that I’ve tried so far it’s really good, great value, tastes like it’s supposed to and now that ejuice.deals has upgraded their shipping process you get it sooner than you would from any of the sites that I’ve tried. Much sooner. This place has great customer service and their prices are awesome, especially when they’re running a special.

Watermelon Lime is my favorite

I’m not a fan of vape juices that have bold flavor profiles. This flavor is subtle and easy to vape. I buy flavorless vape juice and cut the watermelon lime with it, using 2/3 flavorless with 1/3 flavored. I vape A LOT, so this saves me money and I don’t get headaches from the artificial flavors.

Melissa Brown

Very good flavor