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Juice Head Peach Pear Ejuice

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Peach Pear Ejuice by Juice Head lets you sink your teeth into a soft and warm Georgia peach, bursting with southern goodness. Paired (no pun intended) with this flavor of sweet and ripe d’Anjou pears, glistening and juicy in every sweet bite!

Brand: Juice Head |Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Juice Head Peach Pear Ejuice Details

Feast on two of the South’s most prized fruit possession, enjoying a rich and rolling flavor of fruity goodness in every cloud. First up we have the world-renowned Georgia peach. This soft and fuzzy fruit features a delicious explosion of sweet flavor in every juicy bite, which leaves sticky rivulets of nectar running down your chin. These warm fruits were freshly plucked from the summer sun and somehow manage to capture the rays of golden sun in both their soft peach fuzz as well as their succulent juicy fruit flesh.

Next in this due of delectable goodness, we have a ripe d’Anjou pear that features a mellow more subdued bit of flavor. Grainy and wonderfully sweet pear chunks offer a satisfying chomp of fruit in every cloud, the clear juicy nectar pouring out of the first bite. Each of these fruits presents a mouthwatering fruit flavor in every cloud, ensuring that every puff is as delicious as that first bite of fruit. Juice Head gets ahead of the competition by presenting juicy fruits and sweet flavors, brimming with authentic goodness. Slake your thirst for something juicy and refreshing with a fruity blend of sweet Georgia peach and ripe d’Anjou pear, thanks to Peach Pear by Juice Head!