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Juice Head Freeze Guava Peach Ejuice

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Guava Peach Ejuice by Juice Head is one of the juiciest fruit flavored vapes you can get your hands on. Ripe sweet guava combined with juicy peach dripping with flavor make for a mouth watering flavor you won't be able to put down.

Brand: Juice Head | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Juice Head Freeze Guava Peach Description

Stick your head in the clouds with this warm and flavorful fruit vape juice called Guava Peach Ejuice by Juice Head! The inhale begins with the soft flavor of lush Colombian guava, while the exhale delivers the smooth and sweet flavor of freshly picked Georgia peaches. We traveled all the way to Colombia to hand-pick these smooth green fruits. We cracked open the inside to reveal a warm pink center, overflowing with juicy goodness. Once we had gathered our fill of the guavas, we booked it back to the states, where we touched down in sunny Georgia.

We headed straight to the peach groves and began to pluck the soft and fuzzy fruits. The sweet juices ran down our mouths and fingertips and our taste buds were overjoyed at such a luscious flavor. We combined the guava and peaches together, resulting in our taste buds nearly exploding with happiness. Alone, these flavors are delicious, but together they create a warm and sweet flavor we're sure your taste buds will love. Experience the fruity flavors of fresh guava and ripe peaches with every puff of Guava Peach Ejuice by Juice Head!