WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa Disposable Vape 4.5g

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Introducing the Adios Preheat Disposable Vape Pen from Delta Extrax - your ticket to an unforgettable vaping adventure! Immerse yourself in the 4.5 grams of the exclusive Adios blend, expertly crafted with THC-A and delta-9P THC to create a powerful high through the entourage effect. With five captivating strains to choose from - sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties - you're destined to find your perfect match. No more worries about heating the distillate to the right temperature, as the preheat function ensures every hit is just right. And thanks to the rechargeable design, you'll never have to miss out on a moment of bliss. Elevate your experience with Delta Extrax Adios Preheat Disposable - Your Journey to Pure Enjoyment!

Delta Extrax Adios Preheat Disposable Strains:

  • Alien Cookies (Hybrid) - A dynamic Hybrid strain with a creamy and refreshing flavor profile, leaving you feeling satisfied and uplifted.
  • Grandmommy Purple (Indica) - A mellowing Indica strain, rich with fresh grape and sweet berry flavors, offering a soothing and relaxing experience.
  • Jelly Sherbet (Indica) - A rare Indica strain, bursting with fruity flavors and a sweet aroma, taking you to the ultimate state of relaxation.
  • Sweet Tooth (Hybrid) - An uplifting Hybrid strain, as sweet as candy, bringing a euphoric head high that will leave you smiling.
  • Thor's Hammer (Sativa) - An electrifying Sativa strain with a honeyed aroma and menthol flavor, igniting your energy and creativity.
  • Power Plant (Sativa) - An energizing Sativa strain with an earthy aroma, delivering euphoric and revitalizing qualities.
  • Ghost Train Haze (Sativa) - An incredibly potent Sativa strain that takes you on a wild ride with its floral aroma and bright citrus flavor, providing uplifting and euphoric effects.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christopher Clark

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa Disposable Vape 4.5g

Sue M

I like the taste, effect, and the preheat feature. However, of the different Extrax I've tried, I've noticed they tend to clog. For this reason, I give them 4 stars rather than 5

Gary Smith

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa Disposable Vape 4.5g