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Custard Monster Blueberry Ejuice

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Blueberry eJuice by Custard Monster features a thick dessert cloud of fresh custard and plump blueberries. Feast on a delicious dessert and fruit vape juice that was crafted with your sweet tooth in mind. 

Brand: Jam Monster | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Custard Monster Blueberry Description

Feast on a monstrously good vape juice that's stuffed with fresh blueberries and silky custard in every cloud, thanks to Blueberry eJuice by Custard Monster. The inhale delivers a warm and creamy custard that will rival anything your grandma can make, while the exhale features the sweet flavor of wild blueberries. Our top secret recipe begins with frothy milk, softened butter, pure cane sugar, and a few spoonfuls of vanilla extract.

The custard is just about ready to be poured into a pan, but we decided to add a handful of wild blueberries for a touch of fruity sweetness. The fruity custard is lovingly placed into a hot oven, where it bakes to a luxurious golden brown. The timer dings to alert the readiness of the custard, and the entire baked treat is gingerly removed from the heat. The blueberry custard is set to cool, sending out the fragrant aroma of sweet and fruity desserts throughout the house. Finally, the culinary masterpiece is ready! Dig into this thick and creamy dessert that bathes your taste buds in warm dessert and sweet fruits with every puff, thanks to Blueberry eJuice by Custard Monster!