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Colors Fruity Ejuice

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Fruity Ejuice by Colors lets you enjoy the fruit of the rainbow in sweet and crunchy life-preserver shaped hard candies, bursting with juicy watermelon, plump peach, crisp apple, and sun-kissed strawberry!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 60/40 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

Feast on the colors of the rainbow in eliquid form, all neatly packed into sweet and crunchy life-preserver shaped hard candies for a delightful blend of flavored clouds! First up we have fresh and plump peaches, warmed by the Georgia sun and gently ripened to a soft and fuzzy red-orange hue. Next up, we have swollen watermelons, vine-ripened nearly to bursting with sweet and refreshing watermelon juice! Adjacent to the watermelon patch lie rows and rows of apple trees, the crisp fruits swaying gently in the fall breeze. Lastly, we have ripe red strawberries, touched with a tender kiss from the sun and dripping with juicy goodness in every bite! Each of these delicious fruits were whirled into liquid candy form for your vaping enjoyment! Let the sweetness of the fruit and the tartness of the candy wash over your vape taste buds in rainbow scented clouds!

Thanks to this succulent candy eliquid treat from Colors, now you too can discover all the colors of the wind in each fruity burst of flavor! If you think your vape taste buds can handle a powerful punch of flavor, grab a bottle of Fruity Ejuice by Colors and take your clouds to new heights, riding in the wind of sweet and crunchy fruit candies!