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Candy King Strawberry Belts Ejuice

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Strawberry Belts by Candy King features sweet ripe strawberries fused with sour candy. Enjoy the sugary sweet flavor of sunkissed berries in a chewy belt of sour candy. You'll be tempted to chain vape this flavor all-day long! Sour candy and sweet fruits have never vaped so good!

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Candy King Strawberry Belts Ejuice Details

Belt a home run for your taste buds with this impressive eliquid, fresh from the Candy King factor! Thousands of delicious berries were plucked from the berry brambles surrounding the castle. These sunkissed berries gleam a ruby red in the sun and make the passerby's mouth water. But these berries are under strict instruction to only be used for the Candy King. These lush berries are crushed into a chunky strawberry compote, thick and sweet. The strawberry compote is lovingly poured into a molten candy mixture, bubbling merrily in the high heat.

The strawberry fuses with the liquid candy and stains the candy into a deep ruby red. The strawberry candy is stretched into thin strips and rolled in sour sugar. The strawberry belts are then stuffed into the 100mL bottle you see before you, ready and waiting to delight your taste buds. Experience the powerful flavor of sweet strawberries and sour candy like no other candy vape juice you've tried before! The fresh fruit flavor and sugary candy will have your taste buds begging for more. Your taste buds will feel like royalty and your clouds proclaim your kingship as you vape this delicious candy e-liquid called Strawberry Belts by Candy King!