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Candy King Pink Squares Ejuice

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Candy King

Pink Squares Ejuice by Candy King features a soft and chewy square of pink taffy, sweetened with bright red cherries and juicy strawberries. The delicious taffy is then wrapped in a pretty squares of colorful wax paper. This vape juice is the perfect treat for your sweet tooth cravings!

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Full Flavor Description

This candy flavored vape juice gives you your favorite chewy burst of soft and sweet taffy crafted into perfect squares. Pink Squares Ejuice tastes of a mixed fruit chewy deliciousness that features a touch of cherry, hint of strawberry, and a load of delicious clouds! This candy flavored vape ejuice delivers a mouthwatering juicy chewy taffy flavor mingled with ripe strawberry. This vape juice will liven your taste buds with sweet and juicy flavors.

Satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit in each square of juicy pink taffy. Feast on fresh fruits and chewy taffy candy blended into a delicious eliquid that your taste buds will enjoy. For a burst of chewy fruit taffy, try a bottle of Pink Squares Ejuice by Candy King and see just why Candy King invites you to drip with them!