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Candy King On Ice Worms Ejuice

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Worms Ejuice by Candy King On Ice features a wriggling snowball of clouds, filled with frosty candy gummy worms that have been dipped in frozen sugar crystals and stuffed into a icy 100ml bottle, just for your never-ending sweet tooth cravings!

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets

Candy King On Ice Worms Ejuice Description

This mentholated candy ejuice sends you a wriggling, squirming bundle of bright gummy worms, excited to roll around in the chilly winter snow! This eliquid offers a frozen rendition of your favorite corner store candy that is sweet, snowy, and chewy all in a frosty cloud! Worms delivers a sweet and sour mess of frozen creepy crawlers that produce plumes of sweet, sour, and icy clouds for you. These icy and brightly colored candy worms are flavored with frozen Floridian oranges and icy blue raspberry in each worm, while chilly lemon and snowy cherry battle it out in another worm.

Arctic limes and frosty oranges fight for dominance in yet a third worm, and finally, frost-bitten cherry and cold blue raspberry struggle for power in the fourth worm! Take your vape taste buds to the next level of menthol-candied clouds with this ejuice! Satisfy all of your sweet and sour cravings with a kick of icy citrus, cold red cherries, frosty lemon and lime citrus, and frozen blue raspberry, all rolled in a wonderful mess of frozen sour sugar!