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Candy King on Ice Strawberry Rolls Ejuice

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Strawberry Rolls Ejuice by Candy King On Ice features a sweet and icy mix of fresh strawberry and classic roll-up candy creating an blast of flavors in your mouth. Feast on clouds by the foot with this delicious frosty eliquid twist on a childhood favorite treat!

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets 

Candy King on Ice Strawberry Rolls Ejuice

Treat your clouds to a flavorful rolled-up ball of strawberry fruit tape, bursting with fun, sweet and icy flavors! This delicious eliquid was carefully crafted with freshly picked berries. Each of these sweet strawberries stain your fingers with their delicious sweet red berry juice and offer just the right amount of sweetness for a roll of candy fruit tape! The strawberries are crushed and poured into a sturdy pot to form a thick mash, where every drop of strawberry juice is saved, along with a flavorful strawberry compote!

Once the strawberries are crushed into a smooth and flavorful mess, a stream of liquid candy is folded in for a wonderful blend of candy and fruit in a single puff! This sweet strawberry candy is smashed flat and rolled up into a fat ball of strawberry fruit tape. These delicious fruit rolls are then stuffed into the 100ml bottle you see before you, ready to satisfy your vape taste buds with sweet clouds!