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Candy King On Ice Batch Ejuice

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Batch Ejuice by Candy King On Ice features the same great flavor as Candy King's Original Batch flavor but now with an icy cool kick to complete this flavorful ejuice. Batch Ejuice is a mouthwatering mix of chewy cherries and sour citrus to create a sweet and sour deliciousness.

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Menthol, Sweets

Candy King On Ice Batch Ejuice Description

This menthol and candy-flavored vape ejuice tastes of frosty sour, combined with a healthy mixture of icy cherry and all of your favorite frozen citruses: frosty lime, cool lemon, and chilly orange! On the inhale, you get a delicious batch of the sweet fruits crushed over ice: frostbitten cherries freshly picked from snow-capped cherry trees, and cold Floridian oranges, still as icy as the day they were picked in the cool winter of December! But on the exhale, you get a very pleasant menthol twist: the intense sour flavor of frozen green limes and icy yellow lemons snatch the sweetness from your vape taste buds and replace it with a blast of eye-watering sourness!

Enjoy a mouthful of mouth-puckering sour, soft sweet clouds, and icy cold menthol that is flavored to perfectly imitate a frozen batch of your favorite corner store candy covered in snow. Treat your vape taste buds to the frozen candy experience they've always been looking for and feast on sweet and icy cherries, frosty cold oranges, cool tart lemons, and tangy frozen limes blended together in a delicious eliquid called Batch Ejuice from Candy King On Ice!