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Candy King Jaws Ejuice

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Jaws eJuice by Candy King is a soft shark-shaped gummy, flavored with blue raspberry on the top and a warm vanilla on the bottom! Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of a chewy blue raspberry and soft vanilla gummy, perfectly transformed into eliquid form. Open your mouth wide and exhale these great white clouds into the deep blue sky! 

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Candy King Jaws eJuice Description 

You're going to need a bigger tank to fit this massively delicious vape juice into your vape! Experience the rush of flavor that washes over your taste buds in delicious waves. We start off with boatloads of mystical blue raspberries. The berries are crushed into a deep exotic blue, matching the hypnotic blue of the ocean waves. The berries are strained and sweetened with pure cane sugar for a delicious rush of sweetness. Next, we docked several boats from the island of Madagascar, where crates of ripe vanilla stalks are waiting to be unloaded.

The scent of the vanilla wafts ashore and fills your nostrils with its smooth and creamy scent. The warm vanilla and sugary blue raspberry are melted into a soft gummy, shaped like a fierce shark. These delightful gummies are crammed into the bottle you see before you, ready and waiting to sink their teeth into your inspecting taste buds! Enjoy the delicious flavor of sugary blue raspberry and warm creamy vanilla blended with soft gummy flavor. Your taste buds will be swimming in sweet blue raspberry and warm vanilla clouds for days, thanks to Jaws eJuice by Candy King!