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Candy King Gush Ejuice

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Gush eJuice by Candy King is a soft and chewy gummy stuffed with delicious fruit juice. Let this sweet and fruity flavor gush over your taste buds with every puff! This juicy eliquid rendition of your favorite mixed fruit and chewy candy promises to be your new all-day favorite!

Brand: Candy King | Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Candy King Gush eJuice

Candy King knows how much attention your sweet tooth requires, which is why they created this delicious candy vape juice just for you!  First, we have a bushel of freshly picked summer strawberries. These sunkissed berries carry the warm and sweet flavor of the sun, adding a rich flavor of berry sweetness that will make your taste buds sing. Next, we have wild and sugary blue raspberries. The candied sweetness of these exotic berries is instantly detected and highly appreciated by all of those who crave that mystical blue berry.

We steer away from the berries by grabbing a basket full of ripe Valencia oranges. Flown in straight from the everglades, these firm orange globes offer the wild flavor of freshly picked citrus in every slice. Lastly, we have sour green apples. These tart Granny Smith apples deliver a crisp and refreshing flavor that unites all of these sweet flavors together in glorious harmony. This delicious fruit cocktail is carefully piped into the center of a sweet and chewy gummy candy! Remember those delicious fruit snacks that came in a yellow foil bag? Now you can enjoy this delightful gush of flavor that will keep your taste buds satisfied all day long, thanks to Gush eJuice by Candy King!