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Big Bottle Co. Pink Lemonade Ejuice

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Big Bottle Co. collection Pink Lemonade from the Lemonade Stand is a mouthwatering lemonade liquid that blows away your taste buds. A juicy homemade lemonade blend is combined with fresh berries creating the perfect combination of a lightly tart and tangy, sweet and juicy flavor for an all-day juicy vape.

Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 85/15 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Treat your taste buds in the summer heat, where sweat levels are high and fatigue is prevalent, to something cool and refreshing. You spy a lemonade stand offering sweet refreshment in a tall glass as you drag yourself through the heat of the day. This flavor promises to relive in every light and flavorful cloud those moments of pure bliss! Whether it's the simplistic ingredients or the satisfaction of knowing you've crafted everything yourself, something about homemade lemonade always tastes better. In rolling waves of flavor, the refreshing sweet flavor of tart citrus and juicy berries mixed with crisp and cold water refreshes your vape taste buds.

Each slice of citrus provides a gentle, wholesome and delicious tinge of sobriety. Pockets of sweet raspberries and sun-kissed strawberries are then poured into the tall pitcher by the bucket, swirling pink and sweet. Rising and clean pink lemonade promises to refresh your parched vape palette and refresh your nostrils with the sweet and gentle cold lemonade flavor. A tart and tangy blend of fresh squeezed Lemons infused with berries and just enough sweetness to create a zesty citrus flavor that is sure to please. Feast on a tall cloud of delicious pink lemonade, Big Bottle Co's compliments to Pink Lemonade.