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Big Bottle Co. Cinnamon Cream Ejuice

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Big Bottle Co. Cinnamon Cream is a creamy blend of blended sweet cream that is perfectly garnished with glittering cinnamon sprinkles creating a delicious all-day dessert vape you wouldn't want to put down.

Sweet tooth watch out! Dessert provides you with time to indulge your taste buds in a sweet and creamy eliquid dessert that will woo your taste buds in blissful submission! Let's discuss this mouthwatering cake first! Pure cane sugar, soft butter, rich Tahitian vanilla and spicy cinnamon come together to form a rich, creamy cake batter's base! This sweet and sticky batter is poured into a cake pan loaded with a spring and whisked into the oven to slowly bake into a decadent golden brown. A sweet butter, pure cane sugar, spicy cinnamon and fresh farm cream are whipped to form a rich and creamy cinnamon spice buttercream.

This buttercream is generously spread in thick and creamy waves throughout the whole cinnamon spice cake. A thick wedge of smooth butter cinnamon spice cake covered with rich and creamy cinnamon buttercream is stuffed into a bottle that will make your taste buds crazy! With creamy buttercream, spicy cinnamon, and decadent freshly baked cake, treat your taste buds to a lifetime dessert. Big Bottle Co's blend of this amazing vape juice. E Liquid is the perfect balance of light and sweetness that makes nonstop vape super satisfying yet easy. There is no risk of seeing the dentist with this one when you feel free to indulge when the cravings come calling.