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Bad Salts Sweet Tooth Ejuice

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Sweet Tooth eJuice by Bad Salts features a delicious raspberry flavored cotton candy. You'll feel like you've entered a carnival in the clouds, and what better way to enjoy the carnival than with a sweet treat? Enjoy a hauntingly good flavor of freshly spun cotton candy, sweetened with ripe red raspberries that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth in a single puff! 

Brand Name: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 30ml | Ratio: 25mg/45mg | Flavor Type: Sweet

Bad Salts Sweet Tooth Ejuice Description 

Indulge in the sickly sweet flavor of freshly spun cotton candy, sweetened with ripe red raspberries in every puff! Pure cane sugar is liquified, sweetened with the bloody juice of a thousand raspberries. This sweet sugar is poured into a cotton candy machine, and the machine spins the liquid into a light and fluffy cloud. An ugly clown sits behind a wheel of spinning sugar, sticking his deformed hand into the machine every few seconds. He withdraws his hand to reveal a thick cloud of cotton candy goodness. The scent of freshly made cotton candy pervades your nostrils and tempts you to come just a little bit closer.

You can almost feel the light and fluffy cotton candy melt in your mouth, and you're swallowing to keep from choking on your own drool. The ripeness of the raspberries is maddening, and you find yourself moving closer and closer to the hypnotic machine. You stretch out your hand, you raise your head to lock eyes with the ugly clown, and wordlessly beg for just a piece of that sticky sweet treat! Sweet Tooth eJuice by Bad Salts promises to satisfy your sweet tooth instantly, but you'll keep coming back for more once the last cloud has left your lips!