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Bad Salts Drooly Ejuice

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Drooly eJuice by Bad Salts is a chewy gooey concoction of purple grapes and ripe berries gobstoppers! Feast on a tasty treat of chewy candy and sweet fruits, ready to make your taste buds drool like crazy. Enjoy this grape, berry, and gobstopper vape juice that will have you foaming at the mouth with every puff!

Brand Name: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 30ml | Ratio: 25mg/45mg | Flavor Type: Sweet

Bad Salts Drooly Ejuice Description 

Wipe that drool off your face, it's disgusting! But we know you can't help it, since this delicious vape juice had us foaming at the mouth too! We blended juicy purple grapes with wild berries and stuffed it into a gooey gobstopper, just for you! These grapes came from a haunted graveyard deep in the forgotten vineyards of Italy. The screams of the ghosts and ghouls can be heard as you chomp down on these delicious globes of fruit. Next, we've got wild berries, ripened in the sinister light of a full moon.

Creepy strawberries, spooky blueberries, crazy blackberries, and psychotic blueberries abound in our baskets, ready to unleash their craziness on your taste buds. The wild berries and sweet grapes are tossed into a vat of liquid candy, bubbling merrily. The fruits and candy blend together beautiful and nearly push your taste buds over the brink of insanity with its delicious scent. The fruity candy is shaped into the familiar shape of jiggly gobstoppers, sweet and chewy and oh so yummy! Enjoy this weirdly good flavor of fresh grapes, juicy mixed berries, and chewy gobstoppers in every cloud, thanks to Drooly eJuice by Bad Salts!