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Bad Drip Labs Don't Care Bear Eliquid

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Don't Care Bear Ejuice by Bad Drip Labs presents the sweet chewy goodness of a thousand gummy bears crammed into a single bottle. Sugared indifferent candies are too good not to vape, and this delicious eliquid proves it!

Brand Name: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Don't Care Bear Eliquid Flavor Description

This delicious flavor mixes the sweetness of fresh peach and pear fruit with the soft and chewy goodness of sugared gummy bears. But oh if it were only that simple! Rude and indifferent gummy bears whack their way through the sweet and ripe orchards, ripping the tender fruits right from their branches with rough and aggressive gummy paws. These rude bears stuff their faces with sweet and ripe fruits, to the point of explosion in a raw and gooey mess. Chunks of sweet Georgia peaches and delicate grainy d’Anjou pear pieces fly as headless gummy bears stumble around trying to recover their lost noggin.

Grab a handful of these naughty insolent candy treats, and teach them a lesson on how vapers deal with rude and raw flavor...we create delicate and respectable clouds! Bad Drip Labs has labored long to produce a concoction of flavors that are ripe to the nostrils and sweet to the cloud chaser. Don’t Care Bear is one of their many exciting flavors, and offers a chance to cast aside lesser eliquids for the sake of a premium vaping experience. Grab your bottle today and lose yourself in the sweet and puffy clouds, compliments of Don’t Care Bear by Bad Drip Labs.