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Bad Drip Labs Dead Lemon Ejuice

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Dead Lemon eJuice by Bad Drip Labs features a sweet and sugary lemon vape juice, sweet on the inhale and sour on the exhale! Take your taste buds straight to the underworld, where tart lemons and sweet sugar await in the darkness! This citrus and sugar vape juice might just become not only your all-day vape juice, but your all-night flavor as well!

Brand Name: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Bad Drip Labs Dead Lemon Ejuice Description 

It's a sad day for lemons everywhere, and the murder game is a foot. We've arrived at a crime scene, with nary a shred of evidence. Thousands of lemons have been dismembered and torn, their once lush yellow skin faded and pale. These lemon skins are gathered for a proper burial, as the citrus family sheds tears for their fallen members. Lemon juice litters the floor, sending out memories of sweet and sour citrus dreams. These lemons were so young, and yet they were taken away from us so soon! 

Sparkling sugar crystals are lovingly sprinkled atop the lemon remains, fusing a sweet and sugary essence into the citrus peels. But there must have been some magic in that sugar dust, because the lemon peels begin to writhe and wriggle as if possessed! The citrus family screams, the wind begins to whistle, and the lemons slowly come back to life to terrorize your taste buds! Are your taste buds morbid enough to take the plunge into this sweet and sour citrus vape juice? Get your macabre on and descend into the sugared lemon-scented clouds, thanks to this undead vape juice called Dead Lemon eJuice by Bad Drip Labs!